Our Story

In 1949, Mike and Frances Levine opened Norfolk’s first record shop on Church Street. They soon moved their business to Granby Street where the store thrived until 1961 when a catastrophic fire forced the Groove to close. The present Groove was re-established in 2014.

Throughout the 50s, the Groove was a favorite “hangout” for local radio station DJs and artists in town for shows at the Norfolk Arena. It was not unusual to “bump” into performers like Dick Clark, Paul Anka, The Everly Brothers, Jackie Wilson, Chuck Berry, Laverne Baker or Bobby Darin and other stars of the day. The Groove was well know for its broad selection of music prompting Mike to come up with the slogan: “If it’s on a disc, it’s in the Groove.”

Mike got back into the record business in 1971 at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach. In 1974, the “little guy” (that would have been Paul) who sat on a tall stool behind the old NCR cash register at the Downtown Norfolk store almost every Saturday was able to fulfill his own lifelong dream and join his folks in the business; ultimately growing the Groove to include four locations in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Locating the current shop was easy. Downtown Norfolk was the only place to be.

The Groove is truly back “home.”

Mike Levine Founder
Mike Levine – Founder
Mike and Frances Levine
Mike and Frances Levine
Frances and Lenny Levine
Frances and Lenny Levine
Bob Levine
Bob Levine with WAVY Radio